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What a year!

At Southland CAPS, we have the opportunity as a staff to watch students take a step out of the comfort zone of their traditional high school, and find their niche in a transition for life after high school.

Students come together from 4 different school districts to focus on applying existing and new knowledge into skills that lead to a step-up in industry or college. We are proud that the students honored tonight have taken a risk in breaking away from the normal high school day to be a Southland CAPS student and take advantage of this opportunity.

We know each year as we greet students that they will face challenges such as varying school schedules, driving to and from their classroom sites, and learning with a group of students where they don’t know others like they do at their home school. We applaud each student for taking advantage of the opportunities presented in order to better prepare for their futures.

We are so thankful for the group of students who decided to step out of their comfort zone to give a new program a try. Our expectations for a wonderful first year were not only met, but exceeded.  We look forward to growing with a new strand, Education Exploration, next year and finding ways to enhance our current programs!

Enjoy Summer break!