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Industry Partners of the Year – Thank You!

One of the staples within our strands at Southland CAPS is our Industry Partners. We rely on our partners for guest speakers, industry tours, job shadowing opportunities, internship hosts, advisory committee recommendations, employment opportunities, career preparation, and donations, just to name a few contributions. Once again, selecting an industry partner of the year was difficult as we have had such great support throughout our first year of Southland CAPS.

Our Industry Partners of the Year received a plaque and a tumbler.  Here are a few words about our Industry Partners.

The Industry Partner of the Year for Animal Health Sciences is the Kansas City Zoo.

This first year of the Animal Health program would not have been the same without the support of the Kansas City Zoo. To start off, they have provided us a unique location to host class, starting in the chimpanzee classroom and moving to the penguin room the second semester. However, it was more than just a location to host class. They have included the students on important business partner projects throughout the year as well. Just last week, the area called “Nature Play” opened. The students designed some signs to include in the area, leaving their legacy from this first year. We can’t wait to see them out and displayed. The students have also participated in various animal conservation days throughout zoo grounds. Additionally, they have graciously given the students experiences that not many get to have. As a class, we have gone behind the scenes at a variety of areas, such as the rhinos, the polar bear, the zoo hospital, etc. Finally, they have allowed 2 students to experience what it truly means to be an employee of the zoo. Students also spoke about the Kansas City Zoo saying, “The zoo showed me a lot of different techniques of animal care and what it takes to be a zookeeper” and “Being able to go to the KC Zoo was very educational because we got to learn a lot about the care of the animals by going behind the scenes. Plus, it was fun!” We look forward to our future interactions with this amazing business partner.


The Industry Partner of the Year for Technology Solutions is the Raytown Quality Schools Technology Department.

Melissa Tebbenkamp and her team of technicians have all had a hand in introducing the Technology Solutions students in  various skills. Scheduling the students to work with tech team members at different Raytown school locations, presenting projects and techniques to allow students to better understand new industry standards, and being patient with the students in answering questions and developing their skills. Students have also said “The staff was intuitive in giving us jobs to complete for our internship.” The Technology Solutions students and myself would like to say Thank you! Please help me thank Raytown Quality IT Department as our Industry partner of the year.