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Turf Management and Horticulture

Recommendations: Students need to be on track for graduation and have a desire to be in an environment that is outdoors and encourages teamwork in a project-based real world environment. A strong foundation in the core science classes is strongly encouraged.

Course Description: This course is designed for students who have an interest in learning about careers in the plant science field. Students will have the opportunity to learn from professionals and explore how soil fertility, turf grass management, irrigation, landscape plants, landscape construction, pruning, plant disease, insect control, and horticultural mechanics all play a role in horticulture science. Students will also explore careers related to turf management in residential and commercial settings such as the golf and sporting industries, greenhouse management, public horticulture, and more. This course is not teacher and curriculum driven. It is a hands-on, project based exploratory opportunity for students. Students should be prepared to work with professionals on real-world company based projects. Class is located at the Kansas City Zoo. Personal transportation is required.

College Credit: This program is eligible for 1-4 credits of dual credit work through Northwest Missouri State

2nd Year Prerequisite: Students must meet eligibility requirements including 90% attendance at HCC (no
unexcused), cumulative HCC grade of 80% or higher, and positive internships evaluations. Students must also desire
to be out in industry 4 days a week on an internship.


What Will I Explore?

• Land Management       • Climate Studies       • Landscaping and Plant Life

• Pest Management       • Water and Fertilizer Control       • Economic Studies

• Turf Management       • Ecological and Sustainable Production

• Landscape Design       • Professionalism Skills


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Employment is projected to grow 4-7 percent from 2018 to 2028, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Planning and developing new construction projects and redeveloping existing landscapes are expected to drive employment growth. As of 2018 the median wage for the industry ranged from $30,000 to $68,000. Examples of employment are: Landscape designer or architect, horticulturist, food scientist, farm management, grounds-keeper, as well as marketing and management positions.


Dual Credit

Students have the opportunity to earn college credit by dual enrollment through Northwest Missouri State University. (Tuition cost is determined by the University). Courses that students can enroll in for Business Innovations and Creation include:


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