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Environmental Planning and Awareness

Prerequisite:  None

Recommendations: Students need to be on track for graduation and have a desire to be in an environment that encourages teamwork in a project-based real world environment.

This course is designed for students who have an interest in learning about Environmental Planning and Awareness. Students will have the opportunity to learn from professionals about how we can produce enough food to feed the increasing world population while sustaining the planet, how food is processed to produce products people want to eat, and how food and products are distributed. Students will also learn about land management and planning with economic, cultural, and geographical considerations. This course is not teacher and curriculum driven. It is a hands-on, project based exploratory opportunity for students. Students should be prepared to work with professionals on real-world company based projects. Location of program is to be determined. Transportation will be required. Students have the opportunity to earn college credit by dual enrollment through Northwest Missouri State University. (Tuition cost is determined by the University.)

If there is a business partner that you would like to work with - please put in a request.

Click here to apply and begin test driving your future career goals in the Environmental Planning and Awareness Industry!

Need printable information? 

Environmental Planning and Awareness Information Card


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