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Education Exploration

Prerequisite:  Students must be on track for graduation.

Recommendations: Students need to be on track for graduation and have a desire to be in an environment that encourages teamwork in a project-based real world environment. Child Development encouraged.

Course Description: This course is designed for students who have an interest in learning about future careers in education. Students will have the opportunity to explore the various levels of education including Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, and High School. Students will observe all levels of PK – 12 grade instruction, collaborate with educators, and explore post-secondary opportunities for teacher education and educator employment. Location of the program is to be determined. Transportation is required.

College Credit: This program is eligible for up to 6 credits of dual credit through Northwest Missouri State University.

2nd Year Prerequisite: Students must meet eligibility requirements including 95% attendance at HCC (no unexcused), cumulative HCC grade of 80% or higher and positive internship evaluation. Students must also desire to be out in industry 4 days a week on an internship setting.


What will you explore?

• Formal Education • Informal Education

• Lesson Planning • Behavior Management

• Variations of Learning Styles • Differentiated Learning & Instructional Strategies

• Early Childhood Development • Professionalism Skills


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

The job outlook for a career in the education industry is growing at a rate of an 8% increase. As of 2016 the median wage of classroom educators ranged from $55,490 - 58,030. Building administrators are experiencing job growth at 8% and earning an average of $92,510. Examples of employment are: teachers, administrators, professors, child care workers, counselors and corporate trainers.


Dual Credit Opportunities:

Students have the opportunity to earn college credit by dual enrollment through Northwest Missouri State University. (Tuition cost is determined by the University). Courses include:

You could also be eligible for the Raytown School District “Grow Your Own” scholarship.


Need printable information? 

Education Exploration Information Flyer

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