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Business Innovation and Creation


CAPS programs do not have pre-requisites, as long as, students are on track for graduation.


Transportation to/from the program is required for the Business Innovation and Creation course.


Course Description: 

Imagine. Design. Build. The Business Innovation & Creation strand was developed to meet the needs of students looking to create products and/or businesses, equipping students with the skills of an innovator. This course empowers students to frame opportunities to determine market viability of solutions, create prototypes and present their business opportunities. Students learn start-up principles, design thinking processes and develop an entrepreneurial mindset as they turn ideas into action.


What will I explore?

• Entrepreneurship       • Market Research       • Demographics

• Organization Structure       • Business Plan Development       • Product Development

• Patent Development       • Marketing & Entrepreneurship

• Finance and Crowdfunding       • Professionalism Skills



This course is designed for students who have an interest in the business innovation and creation field. This exploratory course will allow students an opportunity to creatively problem solve for new, existing, and expanding markets.


Dual Credit

Students have the opportunity to earn college credit by dual enrollment through Northwest Missouri State University. (Tuition cost is determined by the University). Courses that students can enroll in for Business Innovations and Creation include:


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